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Up-Grading to a Z32 Air Flow Meter


For those looking to enhance the BHP to over 300 horses, it's a good idea to upgrade their air flow meter to a larger unit like the one from Z32 (300ZX). The basic stock airflow meter is good up to 300BHP anyway and the Z32 is useable up to at least 500BHP.

The Z32 have an 80mm diameter surface area opening for the compressor to suck the air in. Wiring wise is pretty straight forward if you have a steady hand and knows how to use a soldering tip.

Of course, along with bigger injectors and turbo, the larger unit definitely sees its usefulness.

You will need either an Apexi SAFC or a fully programmable ECU to control this. Using the larger air flow meter without any supporting means will give your S13 and erratic idle and power.

S13/S14 MAF Connector Z32 MAF Connector
Wire the MAFS in like the diagram below.
The 12V+ wire on the CA18 is black with a white stripe. The negative (-) is all black. 
The signal wire is like Orange. The Z32 have two grounds. Just twist the two grounds together and connect to the negative.

Then on the S-AFC, go into the SENSOR TYPE menu and select HOT WIRE. After that, calibrate it.
That's it! It should run perfectly, just make sure you have the MAFS hooked up properly.

Part number
S14 ~ 22680-69F01 290 HP 65mm 

R32 ~ 22680-02U00 310 HP 80mm 

Z32  ALL (RB) 300Zx ~ 22680-30P00 500 HP 80mm

Q45 ALL (RB) ~ 22680-61U01 90mm